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What properties are expected of industrial aluminium packaging?

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The different sectors of industry require solid, durable materials and logically search for the least expensive materials. The aluminium packaging used for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, perfumery, foodstuffs, etc. shows that aluminium is frequently used in many sectors.

Tournaire, your specialist for the development of raw materials and industrial packaging, offers you numerous  aluminium packaging solutions for perfumery and other sectors.

Here is a short guide to the characteristics and benefits that industrialists expect of aluminium packaging.


Aluminium packaging for pharmaceuticals or perfumery: a focus on product preservation

The greatest advantage of aluminium packaging for chemicals, perfumery or foodstuffs lies in its properties for preservation. In fact, aluminium is totally impermeable to gases, which makes it the perfect packaging for chemicals, foodstuffs and perfumery. Indeed, aluminium perfumery packaging enables the product to preserve its aroma, taste, odour, colour and texture. It is no coincidence that aluminium is present in kitchens the world over. These insulating properties also protect components or molecules: aluminium packaging for animal health products or even pharmaceuticals is recognized for the long-term preservation of medicines.

Aluminium packaging for chemicals is also an ideal solution because aluminium is corrosion-resistant. In fact, when they oxide, aluminium surfaces cover with aluminium oxide, which then protects the metal from rust. These properties make aluminium chemical packaging a perfect ally for industry because it can be used to package final products, but also for sensitive products that enter into certain production processes. 

These different advantages mean that aluminium packaging is a powerful ally for numerous industries, because some of them, such as the pharmaceutical or agri-food industries are subject to numerous regulations concerning the preservation of the products distributed.


Aluminium packaging for perfumery, chemicals and other sectors possesses unique properties.

In fact, aluminium chemical packaging possesses other valuable properties in addition to its qualities of preservation. For example, aluminium packaging possesses an almost unique weight/resistance ratio. Its light weight is very useful for industries to save money on transport and its resistance is highly valuable during product handling. Moreover, its price is lower than other metals with similar qualities, such as carbon.

Aluminium packaging for pharmaceuticals or other sectors also has the advantage of being recyclable. This advantage is non-negligible, as industries today are attentive to recycling their waste materials.

Aluminium is used for two types of packaging for diverse industrial sectors like pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, chemicals, perfumery, etc. Thus, there is flexible packaging, which includes caps for yoghurt, aluminium film, etc. This type of packaging is used for its adaptability and ability to associate with other types of packaging for a complete solution. The other model is the rigid aluminium packaging used in the form of cans or tins, among others. In fact, this type of aluminium packaging is used for perfumery, chemicals or any other industry requiring resistant packaging that does not alter its contents.