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The clients of the Tournaire Group operate in markets that demand the highest quality standards.

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Regulatory issues


The Tournaire Group’s original range of packaging is approved for the transport of hazardous materials (UN) and the recycling of materials and waste (94/62). UN regulations describe all the constraints applicable to the transport of hazardous materials whether by road, sea, rail or air.

Most of the packaging systems produced by Tournaire have passed the UN tests in a certified laboratory and are approved for the transport of hazardous materials according to the danger classes validated by the UN tests (I, II or III). The body responsible for packaging certification in France is the Bureau des Vérifications Techniques (BVT). All requirements laid down in the UN standard have to be met, and in particular the use of approved materials only, their assembly according to the Certificate of Approval and proper identification by appropriate labeling of packaging and outer packaging once these have been filled and assembled.

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Food Contact

The materials used by Tournaire comply with European and American regulations. The aluminum used by Tournaire meets the requirements of standard EN602 concerning the manufacture of aluminum articles for use with food. Varnished containers – coated internally with a food-compatible varnish – are often preferred by clients so as to comply in particular with the guidelines of the Council of Europe, which recommends avoiding the use of uncoated aluminum in contact with liquids that are too acidic or salty.



The Tournaire Group provides type III DMF access letters to help with customer registration procedures. Stoppers are certified according to the European and American pharmacopeias (USP).