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The clients of the Tournaire Group operate in markets that demand the highest quality standards.

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The Tournaire Group’s customers operate in markets which impose the highest quality requirements and which go hand in hand with the rigorous constraints of regulations and increasingly strict environmental standards.
Today, the Tournaire Group designs and offers innovative and expert solutions to a dozen professional sectors grouped into five major families. Find the sector that concerns you to discover the offers that correspond to your needs.

Perfumes, Aromas, Cosmetics

Aromas, ingredients, raw materials, essential, absolute and concrete oils, perfumed compositions,…so many products protected and preserved by Tournaire Group packaging.

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Tournaire assures you of the optimal cleanliness of its packaging specially developed for your sensitive, pure or high added value products. High quality standards and full traceability provide the guarantees and security sought for the most demanding industries.

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Health & animal health

Antibiotics, active ingredients, sterile products, vaccines, growth hormones, anti-parasitics, ... whether it concerns human health or veterinary specialties, the pharmaceutical industry imposes the highest regulatory requirements and the highest quality standards. for its packaging. Tournaire responds to this by designing and offering solutions adapted to each use.

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Chemicals and specialty chemicals

Glues, sealants, degreasers, disinfectants, varnishes, paints, inks, but also liquid crystals, reagents, solvents… packaging for specialty chemicals must perfectly protect sensitive products (humidity, oxygen, light…) and require UN approval.

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Food ingredients

Vitamins, Omega 3, natural extracts, nutritional supplements... With the widest range of aluminum packaging on the market, supplemented by multilayer plastic barrier packaging, the Tournaire Group is able to design and produce the appropriate packaging, with benefits such as that: long-term contact with food, unequaled sealing, protection against light, against oxygen, against humidity, etc.

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Tournaire offers aluminum packaging suitable for many industries

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