The industrial group is the expert in protecting sensitive and hazardous materials with tailor-made packaging since 1833.

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Field of application

Tournaire Group’s clients operate in markets which are extremely demanding in terms of quality; this goes hand in hand with severe regulatory requirements and environmental standards that are ever more stringent.
Today the Tournaire Group designs innovative expert solutions that are made available to a dozen professional sectors grouped into six broad families. Identify the sector that concerns you and discover the proposals corresponding to your needs.



Flavorings and fragrances

Flavours, ingredients, raw materials, essential, absolute and concrete oils, perfumed compositions are just some of the products protected and preserved by Tournaire Group packaging.



From antibiotics, to active ingredients, sterile products, vaccines, growth hormones, and anti-parasitic products, whether it’s human or animal health, the pharmaceutical industry imposes the highest regulatory requirements and the highest standards of quality for its packaging. Tournaire addresses these requirements by designing and offering solutions adapted to each use.


Specialty chemicals

Packaging of speciality chemicals – including glues, sealants, degreasers, disinfectants, varnishes, paints, inks, liquid crystals, reagents, and solvents – is expected to perfectly protect such sensitive products from humidity, oxygen, light, etc. and requires UN approval.



Tournaire’s aluminium packaging is highly prized for all types of products on the beauty and well-being markets (scented candles, aromatherapy, consumer perfumery, powders, spa products).


Crop protection

Thanks to its expertise in this market, the Tournaire Group has been supplying world leaders in the phytosanitary sector for several decades. Tournaire is able to anticipate the needs and seasonal developments of these markets. With 10 production sites in the heart of Europe, backed by recognized technical expertise, the Tournaire Group provides flexibility, responsiveness, customization, and more for very large production runs as well as medium-quantity orders.


Food supplements

Vitamins, Omega 3, natural extracts, nutritional supplements… With the widest range of aluminium packaging on the market, supplemented by multilayer plastic barrier packaging, the Tournaire Group is able to design and produce the right packaging for your needs, with benefits such as: long-lasting contact with food, unequalled sealing, protection against light, oxygen, and humidity, etc.