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The clients of the Tournaire Group operate in markets that demand the highest quality standards.

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Products and ranges

Type 4Stm

• Capacity: between 2.5L and 30L

Made of pure aluminum, the Type 4S range offers a protection against shocks, compressions or perforations and maintains the integrity of your products thanks to the chemical neutrality of the aluminum.

From 2 500 ml up to 30 000 ml this range allows a very convenient handling and an ef cient pouring thanks to its wide opening.


Ideal for storage and transport of aromatic ingredients, non sterile pharmaceutical bulk, lacquers, adhesives…

• UN approved.

• Identical closures across the range.

• Large opening for easier filling and emptying.

• Metal can and neck mean it can be used in higher temperatures.

• Seamless monobloc structure.

• 100% recyclable aluminium.

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