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system plustm

• Capacity: between 50ml and 32L


A true market benchmark, the System Plus™ range is ideal for packaging, transporting and sampling sensitive products. Manufactured from aluminium 1050A and 1070A, this packaging provides high impact, tear and chemical resistance while also guaranteeing a 100% UV barrier. Its monobloc, seamless structure and tamper-proof seal ensure optimal watertightness and maximum security for your products.


• UN approved.

• Conforms to European regulations on food contact.

• Three opening sizes: System Plus 32™, System Plus 45™ and System Plus 62™.

• Tamper-proof seal.

• Available in matte or glossy finishes.

• 100% recyclable aluminium.

Associated products

Closure seal

Closure seal in option

Dynamometric key

Screwing device and dynamometric key to apply accurate closing torque


SYSTEM PLUS 62 handle

PE plug

PE plug

Pouring cap

Pouring cap

Tightening device

Tightening device

White cap (N6)

Europa N°6 PP caps with Alu/PE  wad. Unique standard closure system from 19 to 160 ml.