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• Tournaire > T802tm / T835tm

T802tm / T835tm

• Capacity: between 2.5L and 32L


The T802™ and T835™ ranges are primarily used for packaging and transporting solid products (powders, granules, etc.). This 1050A aluminium packaging is ultra-clean and comes in anodised or plain matte versions. It has high impact, tear and chemical resistance, providing a 100% UV barrier. Its monobloc, seamless structure and sealed closure ensure optimal watertightness and maximum security for your products.

• UN approved.

• Two seal systems: T802™ and T835™.

• Cap seal provides tamper-proof protection.

• Can be cleaned and sterilised by autoclaving.

• 100% recyclable aluminium.

• DMF Type III.

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Type 835 closure system

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