Application markets

The clients of the Tournaire Group operate in markets that demand the highest quality standards.

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Products and ranges


• Capacity: between 19ml and 160ml

This is particularly suitable for sampling and packaging sensitive products. The 9M6™ range in aluminium 1070A provides great protection for your products.

This monobloc packaging preserves your product’s freshness.

• Single closure: Europa 6 standard caps for the whole range.

• Excellent watertightness.

• Seamless monobloc structure.

• 100% recyclable aluminium.

• Style options: external lacquering, screen-printing, etc.

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Dropper (pierced or pre-pierced)

Pierced or pre-pierced dropper

White cap (N6)

Europa N°6 PP caps with Alu/PE  wad. Unique standard closure system from 19 to 160 ml.