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What are the different types of pharmaceutical packaging from Tournaire?

Tournaire has more than 180 years of expertise in using natural raw materials, equipment and industrial packaging. Over the years, the industrial group Tournaire has developed a real expertise and has provided state-of-the-art packaging for the protection of pharmaceutical components.

Tournaire provides a full range of health packaging. Respecting regulatory requirements, these packages help to preserve your antibiotics, active ingredients, sterile products and vaccinations during storage and transport. They provide all the necessary guarantees for your activity as well as a continuous traceability of your products. You can find different types of health-dedicated pharmaceutical packaging for keeping your samples secure.

Pharmaceutical packaging – Quality aluminium packaging

The pharmaceutical industry demands the highest quality requirements from its products as well as from any other element that can come into contact with the material. Taking these requirements into account, Tournaire developed its pharmaceutical packaging offer in aluminium. 7 varieties of packaging are available for professionals in the pharmaceutical industry – here are the 3 principles:

  • The Flexspout® range – from a capacity of 1.35l to 26l – bottles which are suitable for transportation and for draining liquid and viscous products.
  • The O220™ range – from a capacity of 2.4L to 30L – single-piece packaging with large openings, recommended for the packing, transportation and storage of sensitive products.
  • The SYSTEM PLUS™ range – from a capacity of 50ml to 32l – provides excellent resistance to shocks, perforations and chemical influences, and ensures a full barrier against UV for your sensitive products.

Tournaire is recognised for skilfully designing packaging for chemical products

Tournaire’s packaging division designs, manufactures and sells pharmaceutical packaging for storing and transporting sensitive and fragile products throughout the world. From the transformation of aluminium (spinning and stamping) to the blow-moulding and injection of bottlenecks – each stage is controlled from start to finish to produce an end product which closely meets health professionals’ requirements.

Please check out Tournaire’s packaging of chemical products offer, or more specifically, its pharmaceutical packaging offer. Advisors are available for any information requests.