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Molecular distillation – definition, application, and expertise

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Molecular distillation – definition, application, and expertise

The Tournaire Group specialises in extracting and processing plant-based raw materials and benefits from cutting-edge expertise in the field of molecular distillation. Thanks to its cutting-edge distillation equipment, Tournaire is the partner of choice of some of the largest cosmetics and pharmaceutical brands, for example in relation to a number of areas related to the fine chemicals market. In the case of essential oils distillers, our equipment is tested on site before delivery, which means that our customers can be operational immediately after their molecular distillation has been delivered to the site.

Distillation equipment that offers peak performance

The primary objective of molecular distillation is to prevent the denaturation of certain heat-sensitive molecules, which makes traditional distillation methods unsuitable to extract them. In order to limit the impact of temperature on these molecules, we use molecular distillation units that allow distillation to take place in a vacuum, at high temperature and under pressure. Nevertheless, this significantly reduces the time in which molecules are exposed to these high temperatures, which prevents the product from becoming denatured. For example, in the fragrance industry, this distillation equipment makes it possible to eliminate certain allergens or to remove the colour from certain extracts. In the food and cosmetics industry, molecular distillation makes it possible to remove contaminants, especially heavy metals. In the case of cosmetics, high-performance molecular distillation equipment means that some molecules can be isolated, even though they would otherwise be impossible to extract, while some oils can be stabilised as a result of this process. Tournaire produces molecular distillation units that are suitable for all uses: whatever the fusion point and heating level required, our equipment is designed to perform with a feed rate that can vary between 5 and 900 litres per hour.

High-quality, modular distillation equipment

A molecular distillation unit produced by Tournaire consists of all the elements needed for it to operate, which means that it is ready for use immediately upon delivery. Moreover, our units are supplied with an evaporator and a mobile agitator, which ensures that the process runs smoothly with an even distribution across the entire heating surface, with optimal mixing and pouring to minimise the time taken to process each product. Our equipment allows you to complete all of the following processes fully independently:

If you distil essential oils, with extracts that are often difficult to obtain due to their fragility, our molecular distillation units are entirely suited to your needs and are supplied with full command and control units to save you even more time. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact our molecular distillation experts who will be able to respond to your needs most effectively.