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Pharmaceutical industrial packaging: not sure how to protect your products and raw materials?

Pharmaceutical products are subject to strict requirements – both in their design and packaging – to guarantee effectiveness and end-user safety. Whether it’s active ingredients, vaccines, drugs or antibiotics, Tournaire offers industrial pharmaceutical packaging solutions that protect the transported product.

Pharmaceutical aluminum packaging, ideal for secure transport

Backed by its expertise in aluminum packaging design, Tournaire offers a wide range of solutions that meet the requirements of health and pharmaceutical sectors. These industrial pharma packaging solutions are designed to offer laboratories secure and standardized storage and transport for their products, from several tens of ML to several liters of storage.

As in many other industrial sectors, aluminum’s high resistance makes it a material of choice in the design of packaging for the healthcare sector. Whether it is a question of strong temperature variations, shocks, external factors or even UV exposure, pharmaceutical aluminum packaging will guarantee the safety of the transported product.

What can you transport with Tournaire pharmacy raw material packaging?

Our vast range of pharmaceutical industrial packaging and tailor-made production capacities enable us to meet a wide variety of specifications. Thanks to our solutions, you can transport and store both liquid products and solid raw materials. Vaccines, active ingredients, drugs or capsules: aluminum pharma packaging by Tournaire ensures full standards compliance and allows for rigorous product tracing.

Our technical packaging is designed for the transport of chemical and dangerous products, which impose strong constraints when developing solutions. These high requirements are reflected in our entire range of pharmaceutical raw material packaging, which makes Tournaire your ideal partner for the transport of sterile products, for example.

Why choose Tournaire’s industrial pharmaceutical packaging?

At Tournaire, we control and optimize the entire production cycle of our pharmaceutical aluminum packaging, from the transformation of the aluminum to the manufacturing and assembly of the neck or opening. This full control allows us to impose our rigorous standards at each stage of the manufacturing process: thus, no unpleasant surprises and potentially defective third-party products. If you’d like to collaborate with our teams for the manufacturing of your industrial pharma packaging, or if one of our existing products suits you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your project