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What type of packaging should be used for transporting hazardous materials?

The problem of transporting hazardous materials is of vital importance to companies in many sectors faced with the increase in international trade and the extensive development of regulations. In the pharmaceutical, chemical and sometimes industrial fields, it is common to have to use certain sensitive materials in daily activities. It is essential to take every possible precaution in the movement and storage of these materials. In this article, you will find the recommendations of Tournaire, an expert in hazardous materials packaging, for choosing the most suitable containers for the transport of sensitive products.

Transport of hazardous materials: what you need to know

The transport of hazardous materials is highly regulated, both by national laws and by international standards. The UN has established a list of 2,700 known hazardous materials. Each of them is assigned a 4-digit number (UNxxxx), a specific name, and is allocated to a hazard class according to the level of threat. For the packaging of hazardous materials for your business, you must first know the characteristics of these materials and the type of danger which they represent. Explosives, flammable liquids or solids, gases, corrosives… the risks are numerous and must be taken into account when choosing your hazardous material transport container.

Hazardous materials packaging: what is the right solution?

The type of packaging to use for your hazardous material transport depends on the type of material or product, as we have seen, but also on your sector of activity. For example, this issue often arises in the pharmaceutical sector. The sensitivity and the danger posed when transporting hazardous materials in this sector make the highest demands on the quality of their transport container. It is with this in mind that Tournaire is committed to providing you with quality packaging, in one-piece aluminium or multilayer plastic, depending on the type of product to be transported. Our products meet the standards of strength, durability, light protection, hygiene, cleanliness and security that are essential for packaging hazardous materials.

Choosing a quality hazardous material transport container with Tournaire

It is essential to determine the selection of your container for transporting hazardous materials with the greatest regard to safety. The aim is to protect these sensitive materials from violent shocks, leaks and exposure to the outside world (light, oxygen, etc.). That is why Tournaire applies the utmost rigour to the design of its state-of-the-art hazardous materials packaging. Learn more about our technical and industrial packaging activities, with applications in many sectors (health, food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.). Do not hesitate to contact us by email or on 04 93 09 34 34 to receive customised support and advice for your hazardous material transport.