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Learn more about our expertise in industrial packaging

Tournaire is a company that is almost two hundred years old and has evolved with the times to remain at the cutting edge of modern technology.

In the 1960s, Tournaire split its raw materials processing activities (Equipment Division) from the industrial packaging business. Tournaire initially made its name processing the raw materials used in perfume. But since its foundation, the company has turned its attention to many other industrial sectors, designing new types of machines and containers, such as for food packaging.

Let’s take a brief look at the packaging expertise Tournaire has developed.

Find out about all the industrial packaging sectors covered by Tournaire

Although Tournaire initially specialised in the perfume industry, it has made it a firm rule to innovate and not to rest on its laurels.

As a result, Tournaire has become a leader in industrial packaging in several growth sectors: food packaging, healthcare, animal health, crop protection, electronics and laboratory and speciality chemicals.

Each of these industries has its own specific packaging requirements, and Tournaire has developed expertise tailored to each type of these sectors demand.

Aluminium packaging: a key Tournaire Group speciality

Tournaire manufactures packaging solutions that allow dangerous or fragile industrial products to be transported safely anywhere in the world. Skilled employees transform raw aluminium (extruding and stamping) into industrial packaging. Aluminium packaging has many benefits. First of all, it is a protective metal that allows chemical or sensitive products to be contained with no reaction. It is a relatively simple metal to shape.  Aluminium has the very attractive property of being extremely lightweight. This property is particularly useful for industrial packaging. Finally, aluminium is a material that can be recycled ad infinitum.

Our industrial packaging solutions

 Tournaire responds to the needs of its industrial customers, providing them with packaging solutions for the food industry and industry in general.

Once we have precisely defined our customers’ needs, we can create bespoke containers and even new packaging concepts.