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Aluminium packaging, a safe way to package your contents

Tournaire offers two types of products to meet the needs and requirements of the cosmetics, health, plant health and speciality chemicals industries.

The industrial group, experts in making the most of natural raw materials and custom packaging, offers the widest range of aluminium packaging on the market, meeting the highest levels of quality and safety for a wide variety of activities in human and animal health, fine chemicals, perfumery and the food industry.

Learn more about the advantages of this type of packaging, which makes products safe for storage and distribution.

Aluminium packaging – A range suited to a wide variety of sectors

Tournaire offers an extensive range of aluminium packaging for storing and transporting raw materials (absolutes and concretes) for the perfume, cosmetics, agri-food and pesticide sectors. This packaging ensures perfect preservation of your light- and air-sensitive products and protects them from external chemical attack.

In particular, you’ll find 9M6™ food packaging offering excellent resistance to shocks, perforations, and chemical aggression while guaranteeing a total barrier against UV rays that could damage your products. Its one-piece, seamless aluminium structure features a tamper-proof closure, ensuring your products are perfectly sealed for sampling and packaging sensitive products.

This range of aluminium bottles is available in capacities ranging from 19 ml to 160 ml to ensure your products stay as fresh as possible.

Maximum protection for your content – A wide choice of formats

 Tournaire has developed a range of specific packaging that meets the highest hygiene standards to meet the needs of professionals involved in a wide range of activities.

These products are suitable for long-term contact with food and provide unrivalled protection against light, oxygen and moisture. Among the wide selection on offer, you’ll find aluminium packaging, including aluminium bottles, aluminium cans and aluminium flasks for packaging liquid, solid, powdery and viscous products, protecting them from light and moisture. Other forms of plastic packaging complete the Tournaire range.


Please visit our website to find out more about our full range of products. Our advisers are also on hand if you would like more information about choosing your packaging.