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How is aluminium food packaging used in this highly demanding industry?

Aluminium food packaging is a daily essential for protecting foodstuffs from spoilage and becoming contaminated. Known for its “barrier” properties, aluminium is a material with numerous qualities that have made it so popular. Because it is durable, lightweight and easy to recycle at the same time, it is set to be a material of the future. Tournaire, the food packaging manufacturer, explains to you how aluminium food packaging has become such an essential commodity in the agri-food sector.

The various advantages of aluminium in the food industry

The process of manufacturing aluminium by electrolysis was first discovered simultaneously in Europe and the USA in the late 19th century. This meant aluminium became widely known as a suitable material for food packaging. In fact, several of aluminium’s intrinsic properties distinguish it from iron and steel.  Firstly, food packaging made from aluminium is ideal for preserving the flavour and taste of food because it protects the food from spoilage and does not leave any undesired aftertastes. Moreover, it does not pose any health hazards because it is heated and therefore valued by professionals as a long-term food contact material.

Aluminium also combines durability and lightness, at the same time giving the packaging a high degree of robustness that prevents corrosion and spoilage. As a manufacturer of packaging for food products, we also make a point of ensuring that you can find just the right  industrial packaging solution that satisfies your exact needs regarding transport and presentation of your products, while also preserving the freshness of your foodstuffs or for cooking and keeping them at the required warmth.

Ease of recycling is the key feature of aluminium packaging

Aluminium food packaging is very easy to recycle, which is a key factor setting it apart from other materials such as steel. It is worth knowing that the aluminium we use in making our packaging at Tournaire has 99.5% purity and can be infinitely recycled, at the same time retaining its full properties throughout its use. Moreover, this is a material that best retains its value after use. Because we are aware of the importance of taking an eco-responsible approach within the food industry, we prefer using recycled aluminium on principle. Tournaire, a food packaging manufacturer, offers you a wide range of packaging solutions that are all durable, lightweight and easy to recycle, in turn satisfying various needs.

How does Tournaire help professionals in the food industry?

Since 1833, Tournaire, a food packaging manufacturer, has been offering professionals and other manufacturers packaging solutions made from 99.5% pure aluminium to ensure optimal product quality, service and safety. We are committed to providing working solutions as well as a range of various products that are adapted to your specific needs. Any questions regarding our range of aluminium food packaging products? Then do not hesitate to contact us via our website, by email to, or by phone on +33 4 93 09 34 34. We will be more than happy to give you a detailed answer to your query.