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Chemicals – Manufacturers and Specialists in Aluminium Bottles to Protect Your Compounds

Tournaire is the partner of many industrial companies. It accompanies them in the packing, packaging, transport and protection of aluminium products and sensitive materials. With its experience and technical expertise, the Tournaire group has developed and innovated manufacturing processes and choices of materials to offer its customers high quality products of an exceptional durability. Our products are used in sectors as varied as the food, cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. What are the advantages of a manufacturer of bottles (cans, flasks?) made of aluminium? The knowledge of the material, the specialised advice for a given activity, and a quality covering that surpasses other packaging techniques to be the best barrier for the protection of sensitive materials.

Aluminium Bottle Manufacturer: Engineering Expertise

The aluminium bottle (packaging) was designed by engineers with a good knowledge of this material, its chemical and mechanical properties, as well as all possible applications of its use. The Tournaire group’s packaging department has invested in the protection solutions provided by aluminium, which has allowed us to accumulate a high volume of expertise in the design of your packaging. Through our spinning and stamping processes, we work with pure aluminium, which we then form into a one-piece structure. In this way, our aluminium “barrier” protections have a very high level of strength, while being usable by the greatest number. Once the container is shaped into one piece, we add handles and tops to facilitate the use of the packaging. This addition is usually done by injection. Our solutions are always tailor-made, well thought-out and realised for the specific needs of our clients.

Uses of aluminium: your manufacturer is also a chemist

Tournaire integrates the global needs of each customer, not just in the production of aluminium bottles, but especially according to what they will contain. For this purpose, we implement manufacturing techniques that make it possible to obtain a pure product, with the minimum of chemical exchanges with the content, which guarantees product integrity. It should also be noted that, thanks to this manufacturing method, our aluminium cans and bottles can all be recycled, at a low cost, since recycling causes only 5% of the total energy that has been used to manufacture the product.

 If you are looking for a manufacturer of aluminium bottles for your industrial needs, please get in contact with us so that we can advise you on the appropriate packaging before starting the manufacturing process.