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Why is it essential to choose suitable packaging for your dangerous products?

Do you manipulate or transport products that are potentially dangerous for the environment or for living beings?  Do such products make up a part of your production line?  In such cases, it is crucial to adopt the best-suited packaging for each individual product, in order to ensure everybody’s safety and respect the applicable norms.  Tournaire, an expert in technical packaging since 1833, explains the importance of these critical processing methods.

Processing dangerous products: how to clearly identify if your products qualify

A product is considered dangerous if it presents one or several risks for people, the environment or other products with which it comes into contact. This applies to all types of product, be they liquid, solid or gaseous.  Furthermore, it does not only apply to products with which it is dangerous to come into physical contact, but also gases which are toxic to inhale, or products which are flammable, radioactive, or potentially infectious…

You can refer to the authorities in your country of operation and your sector of activity to obtain a precise list of these products, but you will be aware that a large number of products handled on the production line are dangerous.  The use of technical packaging solutions for dangerous products is therefore essential for many industrial processes. 

Processing chemical products, a perfect example of dangerous products

Chemical products are a perfect example of dangerous products which absolutely require suitable packaging.  A large number of these products are toxic for humans and the environment, for example through touch or inhalation. Certain chemicals, upon being mixed with other substances (such as oxygen), can create a powerful reaction: an explosion, fusion, releasing gas etc.

Packaging within the chemical industry is intended to avoid such situations which imperil the lives of individuals in the vicinity. Certain particularly corrosive products can weaken or even pierce the ordinary containers (made of plastic, for example), and represent a real danger. Choosing a technical packaging made of aluminium would be a good solution in that case.  Furthermore, these products can lose some properties if they come into contact with air, sunlight or moisture; in these cases the packaging provides both safety and preservation.

The different technical packaging solutions offered by Tournaire for the processing of your dangerous products

Tournaire is the partner of choice for all your aluminium, plastic or glass technical packaging needs. Depending on your design requirements and the specific properties of your products, we can offer you the packaging solution which best meets your needs.  Apart from the safety of individuals and the environment, of course, respecting the transported substances is one of our main priorities. Our packaging is designed to optimally preserve the chemical and organoleptic properties of the product.

Should you have any questions regarding Tournaire’s dangerous product packaging solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us on +33 493 09 34 34, or by e-mail at Our specialists are ready and waiting to answer your questions and to discuss your project in order to recommend the best packaging solution for your needs.