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How is aluminium packaging used in industry?

Aluminium has become a very familiar material nowadays, having many civil and industrial applications. It has so many different applications that its use sometimes goes unnoticed. As well as its ‘barrier’ characteristics, discovered early on and particularly useful in food preservation, aluminium’s other properties have also served to increase its popularity.  Aluminium is particularly lightweight and has the advantage of being easily recyclable, a characteristic which is becoming more and more important with society’s growing ecological awareness. Today, we will give you an overview of the use of aluminium packaging in industry.

Aluminium: not only useful as food packaging

Aluminium packaging‘s barrier characteristics have made it one of the most important materials for storing food, and more generally for storing elements that need to be protected from outside pollution. Aluminium’s high thermal resistance is also an advantage, since the packaging will remain intact even in greatly fluctuating temperatures. It can therefore be used to protect delicate products, for example in the form of bottles for perfumes or essential oils.

Its high corrosion resistance means it can be used in a large number of outdoor industrial applications, in conditions where it will be subjected to the weather or simply to corrosive contents.

Aluminium storage bottles also completely shut out the light, which provides greater protection for elements which tend to break down, especially on contact with UV.

Finally, aluminium is non-porous, which means any potential infection from micro-organisms is avoided completely. Thanks to its various properties, aluminium packaging will remain the standard reference in many areas of application.

Applications of aluminium in other industries

Aluminium packaging‘s thermal properties make it a very interesting material for highly varied industrial sectors. For example, aluminium’s strength and lightness make it a very useful material for naval aviation construction. Its very high fusion temperature (over 660 degrees) means it is very durable in extreme conditions, and can be used in parts situated close to extremely high temperature sources, for example.


The automotive industry is making increasing use of aluminium, in particular to improve the recyclability of damaged parts.  Specialists in aluminium packaging have also set up processes to facilitate the recycling of their products.