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What are the different uses of aluminium packaging in the chemical industry ?

Aluminium chemical packaging has a wide range of properties that make it ideal for preserving many products. It is used in a wide range of sectors, from food to pharmaceuticals and perfumery. Tournaire, your partner in industrial packaging, invites you to discover the advantages of industrial aluminium packaging.

What are the benefits of aluminium packaging?

Due to its properties, aluminium is widely used in the chemical industry. It preserves the properties of the product to be packaged. Resistant to extreme temperatures, industrial aluminium packaging is used in many sectors: food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and perfumery.

It maintains the product perfectly in its original condition, without altering it. In addition, aluminium is completely recyclable. Unlike some other materials, aluminium is lightweight despite its strength. This makes it easy to use, as well as facilitating the transport of the products.

Finally, aluminium is completely impervious to different forms of gas. For example, choosing aluminium packaging for perfumery allows the preservation of all the sensory properties of the perfume.

On a smaller scale, it is no coincidence that people are advised to store their food in aluminium foil.

Some examples of uses of aluminium packaging

As we have seen, aluminium makes it possible to store a wide range of products quickly and easily. Aluminium pharmaceutical packaging allows a product/drug to be isolated while retaining all its properties. This type of packaging allows medicines to be kept safely, with very high quality and traceability standards.

In perfumery, aluminium packaging preserves the full fragrance of the perfume. A perfume exposed to the air or contaminated by other gases will lose all its scent. Aluminium packaging keeps all these properties by creating a barrier against exterior elements.

In the food industry, aluminium packaging helps to maintain the flavour and taste of foodstuffs. It preserves, protects, and of course, leaves no aftertaste on the food in question.

Why choose industrial packaging from Tournaire?

Since 1833, Tournaire has supported a number of companies in the aluminium packaging market. Our packaging is designed for a wide range of industries:

  • Perfumery
  • Health
  • Animal Health
  • Food Packaging
  • Crop Protection
  • Electronics / Laboratory
  • Speciality Chemicals

The production of Tournaire packaging is divided into three sectors: aluminium processing, blowing and finally, injection of plastic necks/handles. Depending on your needs, we are flexible with regard to the size and capacity of each container.

Would you like to know more about our services and equipment production? Contact us now by email at or by phone at +33 4 93 09 34 34; we will be pleased to respond to you as soon as possible.