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Discover the industrial standard quality of Tournaire distillation equipment

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Discover the industrial standard quality of Tournaire distillation equipment

Distillation is part of the very fabric of our company’s history. It was with the advent of the French town of Grasse’s very first distillers that Tournaire was born in 1833. We immediately became specialists at obtaining essential oils through steam distillation. Today, we supply a comprehensive range of distillation equipment designed to perfectly meet all your needs.

The essential oil distiller lies at the heart of what we do, but over the years we have been able to acquire expertise in various different distillation techniques. Our expert knowledge can be applied to various sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, perfumery and the agro-food industry. The devices we produce are designed to cope with the specific characteristics of the raw materials you are looking to convert. In the case of perfumery, steam distillation is the most commonly used method to obtain the natural extracts required.


Our aim is to provide you with distillation equipment that will enable you to extract full value from your raw materials. We therefore provide a comprehensive range of pressurised/atmospheric pressure distillation and batch hydro-distillation units. For the finest and most classic types of raw materials – as used in perfumery for example – an atmospheric pressure distiller is perfectly suitable. Where somewhat more difficult materials such as wood or plant roots are concerned, however, we recommend you use pressurised distillation.

We offer a wide choice of options when it comes to your distillation equipment needs. For example, there are different loading methods available. We also supply auxiliary equipment to facilitate manual aspects of the process. Each of our models has been designed to provide a high degree of adaptability and flexibility. Furthermore, we offer added value in the form of help and support throughout the life of your material distillation project. We are by your side from the preliminary study phase through to your equipment going into service.


We are constantly searching for innovative solutions that can serve your needs. Our expertise enables us to make the latest technologies on the market available to you. In addition to our innovative spirits, we also attach great importance to the notion of customer service. We offer made-to-measure services for your distillation equipment. We provide you with the benefit of our quality guarantee throughout the life of the project. Tournaire is well-known for its professionalism in the natural raw material processing sector.

We are conscious of the fact that the work you do is subject to numerous requirements. We therefore offer you a wide range of services adapted to your needs. Tournaire is firmly committed to an operational excellence-based approach to the manufacture of your distiller. Our products are compliant with applicable regulations, enabling you to carry out your business activity with peace of mind. We subject our equipment to various tests to ensure its performance and operability.

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