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What are some industrial uses for technical aluminium packaging?

Specialists in technical aluminium packaging since 1833, Tournaire offers solutions and equipment for all your industrial packaging challenges. We specialise in very specific sectors such as perfumes, food processing and pharmaceuticals. At Tournaire, we implement aluminium packaging systems to preserve and protect your finished products. Today, let’s take a look at the various uses for technical aluminium packaging in the industrial sector.

To what extent is the use of technical aluminium packaging necessary?

Our group’s packaging division implements aluminium packaging systems for various types of products and professions. First off, the chemical sector requires extreme caution when handling certain products. As a result, Tournair has developed specific aluminium chemical packaging systems to respond to this requirement. We offer permanent yet adaptable solutions for all your needs while meeting all current safety criteria (resistance, water tightness, etc.). Our aluminium packaging for the chemical sector also meets health & safety standards for the transport of hazardous materials. Among the products authorised to be transported in our packaging, you’ll specifically find disinfectants, varnishes, paints, degreasers, etc. We offer various types of containers, with capacities ranging from 15 millilitres up to 32 litres.

For professionals in the perfume sector, our containers are also suitable for packaging natural fragrances, especially perfumes or essential oils.

Advantages of technical aluminium packaging

Aluminium has many advantages for packaging. First, it’s a relatively light material. This means you’ll save on shipping costs since the weight of your packaging is reduced. One of the main advantages of aluminium is the fact that it has the capacity to protect its contents against various external factors such as light, gases and humidity. This is why aluminium is especially favoured in industrial sectors like the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Aluminium chemical packaging guarantees the preservation your packaged materials’ properties.

Trust Tournaire for all your aluminium packaging needs.

With products that comply with international standards in addition to our many years of experience, choosing Tournaire for your technical aluminium packaging guarantees you the best in terms of packaging solutions. With our state-of-the-art equipment as well as our expertise, we’re constantly developing new prototypes in order to provide you with the best products for your packaging needs.

If you’re interested in receiving more information on our products, please contact us directly at 04 93 09 34 34. Our experts will be happy to answer your questions and support you in your future projects.