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Industrial packaging: cost optimisation and the protection of sensitive materials

Tournaire, your expert in industrial packaging, proposes solutions adapted to all the needs of the industrial sector. In fact, we specialise in the production of high-quality industrial packaging that is capable of withstanding external factors and keeps your products intact during a certain time. Whether for perfumery, food, health, electronic or chemical products, it is essential to provide reliable solutions that enable you to protect your sensitive materials and optimise your costs.


The benefits of quality industrial packaging

Today, it is very important to have reliable and efficient methods of  industrial packaging. It is for this reason that Tournaire’s Packaging Division decided to develop adapted technical packaging. Thanks to different co-extruded plastic or aluminium packaging, products are properly preserved, especially during the phases when they are most exposed to damage: logistics, storage and transport.

By choosing quality packaging, you will be in a much better position to optimise your costs because you will avoid the loss of time caused by the acquisition of poor-quality packaging or packaging that is not adapted to your products. 


How to properly manage the packaging of sensitive materials


In order to obtain adequate packaging for sensitive materials, you must give special attention to several important aspects of the packaging. Is it resistant to shocks, falls and compression? What is its degree of resistance to chemicals and its vulnerability to weather conditions? Is there an effective tamper-proof system? These are fundamental questions that must be asked. Group Tournaire will provide you with all the answers, because our products – regardless of their capacity – are adapted to different applications and scrupulously comply with current international regulations that correspond to different uses, be they pharmaceutical, agri-food or phytosanitary.


Packaging for essential oils and speciality chemicals: examples of packaging that face major challenges


If we focus on certain particular sectors, we easily understand that each has very specific constraints. When packaging essential oils, we must be very careful to ensure that the container is inert and does not interact with the content. It should also be clean and dry and stored in a cool, dry environment to ensure optimal conservation of the product. These specific products must therefore be handled with care and properly stored.


As for essential oils, speciality chemical packaging has its own particularities. Being particularly sensitive, these products must be approved and meet specific criteria. It is for this reason that tests must be regularly carried out in order to check the seal, the quality and the resistance of the products.


Moreover, all this packaging must meet specific environmental criteria. Over the years, Tournaire Group has developed its know-how and is certified ISO 14001, a guarantee of professionalism in terms of the environmental commitment of its packaging division.