The industrial group is the expert in protecting sensitive and hazardous materials with tailor-made packaging since 1833.

The Tournaire Group is ISO 14001 certified. The Environmental Management System allows the company to establish continuous progress in limiting its impact on the environment.

_JJL0151The involvement of all employees in waste selection (set up in the company two years before ISO 14001 certification was obtained) makes it possible to send waste to specialist centers for recycling or energy production; in 2013 62% of OIW (Ordinary Industrial Waste) was recycled, including 48% of card and paper waste and 14% of plastic films (more than 12 tonnes recycled every year); Tournaire also recycles aluminum, scrap metals, wood and other plastic materials; 

Waste water is treated on site thanks to a Tournaire in-house treatment plant. Treated the water is returned to the natural environment.

Effluents are permanently checked and monitored to ensure compliance with limits;

Use of machines is optimized to limit impact on resources (water, gas, electricity); for example on the new production line water consumption for washing containers  has been reduced fourfold compared to the old machines.  

BennesSignificant resources are devoted to monitoring and anticipating regulatory changes to ensure the compliance of products and equipment with ever-stricter European and French regulations; 

The company participates voluntarily in local initiatives in favor of the environment, such as, for example, the encouragement of car-sharing and the use of public transport, in the framework of an Inter-Company Mobility Plan.