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Learn more about the benefits of our cosmetics packaging

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Learn more about the benefits of our cosmetics packaging

Tournaire is an industrial group with a history that dates back to its founding in 1833. Our many specialities include technical and industrial packaging. Our history started over 180 years ago with the first plant distillers, located in Grasse, on the French Riviera. Cosmetics packaging is one of our specialities and one of our fastest growing, most exciting activities. We provide our customers with high-quality packaging for cosmetics, which is reflected in our ISO 9001 certification for our packaging division – an award that we have held since

Our group is also active in other business sectors related to the cosmetics industry, including distillation, extraction, and filtration. Our expertise and experience in the field of cosmetics are, therefore, as comprehensive as they are wide-ranging.

Why place your trust in Tournaire for your cosmetics packaging?

To ensure that our customers’ needs are met in full, we offer a wide range of cosmetics packaging, allowing you to choose from packaging made from a variety of different materials, and from a selection of different sizes. Our main materials include glass, aluminium, and plastic. Even though we specialise in supplying fragrance manufacturers, we have also developed a range of packaging for essential oils and bath salts. We pay extremely close attention to ensuring that we offer a range of cosmetics packaging that reflects the quality of the products that it contains to achieve genuine added value. For this reason, at Tournaire, we make it a point of principle to ensure that we work particularly hard to ensure a high quality finish for all our products not least because, in this sector, it is often the detail that makes the difference.

Another unique characteristic of our packaging products is their strength. When producing packaging for cosmetics products, it is extremely important to offer total protection from external knocks and bumps, as well as oxidation of the product. For over 180 years, we have been continuously working to improve our products, moving closer to perfection, step by step.

Tournaire, setting the standard for fragrance packaging

As previously described, packaging for fragrances is one of Tournaire’s flagship activities. One of the main materials that we use to package perfume is aluminium. Indeed, aluminium offers 100% total protection for the product that it contains. It prevents all oxidation, does not affect the scent of the fragrance, and preserves its freshness. It goes without saying that we only use high quality aluminium; for example, our GCMI fragrance packaging is made from 1070A, giving it a structure that is light, effective, and 100% recyclable.

If you’d like to receive more information on our cosmetics packaging, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone on +33 (0)4 93 09 34 34. Our experts will be delighted to assist you further.