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Filtration and ultra-filtration materials

Tournaire proposes the following types of filter:

solutions_filtration2Single-plate vacuum or pressure filters

The function of these units is to clarify liquids or separate out suspended solids of all types.
Various types of filter elements are used: synthetic fabrics, cellulose, single or multi-layer metals.

Multi-stage pressure filters.

The function of these units is to clarify liquids or separate or decolorize suspended solids of all types
This type of filter is used for products requiring large filtering areas in a compact unit.
Depending on the application, suspension feed can be external or internal.
For separations with a small cake volume, the filter surface can be doubled for the same retention volume by using double-sided filter plates.
Filter elements can use various media: synthetic fabric, cellulose.

solutions_filtration3Agitated filter dryers (Nutsche filters)

Filter dryers are used to perform the following operations in one single piece of equipment:

Mixing, extraction, filtering, solvent removal

Vacuum or pressure filter units  are used for fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing and the perfume industry.

Discharge by side chamber lock or powder aspiration system.
The range extends from the 10-liter laboratory model (0.03m²) up to 10 cubic meters ( 6 m²).

 The Equipment Division produces:

Présentation :

Before shipping and installation on client premises a complete series of tests is performed in our laboratories to guarantee correct start-up and performance of the equipment.

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