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Aluminum perfume packaging: how has this material profoundly changed the perfume market?

Industrial packaging appeared with the first companies’ economic boom at the end of the 19th century, during the first industrial revolution. In the perfume sector, the packaging par excellence has long been glass barrier packaging.

The advent of aluminum  during the 20th century is due in part to its chemical and organoleptic properties, which gave it a prominent place in the packaging market.

The invention of the aluminum bottle in the 2000s enabled the transport and packaging of liquid products, particularly perfumes.

Tournaire offers a wide range of aluminum perfume packaging, specially designed for the storage and transport of perfumes and essential oils.

Aluminum, the perfect material for perfume barrier packaging

Aluminum is a material of choice for preserving perfumes and essences. As such, aluminum bottles benefit from the barrier advantages of their material. Aluminum enables the development of UV-resistant packaging and creates a thermal barrier. As such, the contents of aluminum perfume packaging aren’t impacted by changes in outside temperature, making it a popular choice for warehouse storage and other poorly insulated places that get cold in winter and very hot in summer.

Above all, good perfume barrier packaging helps preserve all of its contents’ properties – including aromas, textures and even taste – which is why aluminum is widely used in the fields of essential oils and perfumes. Indeed, the long-term preservation of all essences present in a perfume is vital.

The advantages of aluminum perfume packaging

Content preservation isn’t the only advantage that’s kept the aluminum bottle on the market. Aluminum has intrinsic properties that are particularly appealing to manufacturers. The first advantage: it’s a relatively easy material to extract, giving it an affordable price. The second advantage lies in its lightness and durability. Unlike glass, aluminum perfume packaging won’t break, while also remaining as light as plastic packaging. Therefore, aluminum perfume barrier packaging is ideal for transport and industrial storage, where shocks are not uncommon. And despite its resistance, aluminum remains malleable, making it a practical material for packaging and creating bottles for specific perfumes. Finally, aluminum is an eco-friendly, 100% recyclable material.

Aluminum packaging and bottles: the Tournaire range

Tournaire, your  industrial extraction and packaging specialist, has always been a partner to the perfume industry. Established in Grasse two centuries ago, Tournaire offers customers vast knowledge and experience in the fields of perfumery and aluminum perfume packaging.

Tournaire’s wide range includes various perfume packaging and bottles options, at different capacities and with your choice of opening, so you can find the best barrier packaging for perfume to suit your needs.

If you need aluminum packaging or technical parts, please don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote. Our teams will be happy to guide you in the creation of your aluminum perfume packaging.