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Aluminum packaging, the peak of industrial packaging

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On an industrial scale, how do you choose packaging that’s resistant, environmentally friendly and malleable? While the choice between alloys and materials is vast, aluminum’s natural properties make it an excellent packaging option. Combining strength, durability, ease of production and smooth logistics, aluminum is an increasingly popular choice among manufacturers.

Tournaire, your partner in packaging equipment, is thrilled to help you learn more about aluminum packaging.

Aluminum packaging: What are the natural properties of aluminum?

Aluminum packaging offers several advantages that make it an increasingly popular option on the European and world markets. First, aluminum is very light, with a density of around 2.7g/cm3. This ranks it well ahead of materials such as steel, copper, and any other type of metal. Its lightness makes it very malleable, so manufacturers can give it many desired shapes. Aluminum packaging is also incredibly durable, in every sense of the word. Its natural resistance to corrosion and impact makes aluminum a material of choice for packaging and other storage applications. But it’s also sustainable in the sense that it’s easy to recycle, and most importantly, a lower cost.

What are the advantages of aluminum packaging?

All these natural properties make it an accessory of choice for various packaging and storage applications. Its natural lightness allows for quick and easy setup. Its resistance allows aluminum packaging to withstand shocks reasonably well (but be careful, as it remains much less solid than other metals). It is particularly well-suited to various sectors like pharmaceuticals, perfumes and the food industry. This is because aluminum packaging has barrier properties that help maintain and preserve the natural properties of the packaged item. Increasingly concerned with ecological impact, many companies are choosing aluminum packaging for its recyclability.

However, it should be noted that aluminum is still a bit pricier than many other packaging metals.

Why opt for aluminum packaging with Tournaire?

We’ve been supporting manufacturers in their packaging operations since 1853. We operate in many sectors where the quality of aluminum packaging is central and essential:

You’ll find various packaging on the market, with 9M6, AP25, CC Boxes, and Flexspout being among the most popular.

Our packaging equipment is made of 99.5% pure aluminum. As such, they’re perfectly adapted to sectors where barrier properties are vital.

Would you like to learn more about our catalog? Want to know what types of aluminum packaging would best suit your business? Please don’t hesitate to reach out by email ( or phone (+33 4 93 09 34 34) and we’ll be happy to answer you.