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Tournaire > Tournaire news > Aluminium packaging: Tournaire has a large selection of aluminium packaging products on offer for a wide range of uses.

Aluminium packaging: Tournaire has a large selection of aluminium packaging products on offer for a wide range of uses.

Founded in 1833, Tournaire, the industrial packaging and equipment expert, offers its clients a huge variety of aluminium packaging products. Tournaire’s packaging methods are adapted to a range of products requiring protection from the elements, ranging from foodstuffs to chemical products, and perfumes to pharmaceutical goods.

 What kind of product is aluminium packaging suited to?

 Aluminium’s natural properties make the element an ideal choice when it comes to storing a number of chemical products. Its lightweight composition makes it easy to transport items from A to B. For example, a bottle made using aluminium is much easier to transport and deliver to customers. What’s more, the metal’s highly-resistant qualities are not compromised by its lightweight state.This strong material is highly-valued in a number of industries which rely on heavily-mechanical production methods. Aluminium packaging therefore combines agility and resistance, ideal for safely transporting your chemical goods.

 In addition, aluminium possesses some interesting naturally-occurring protective qualities. For example, it naturally produces an oxide layer which protects against corrosion. Aluminium is the perfect choice for any product which is “sensitive” to external factors, including perfumes and  foodstuffs. Aluminium is also impenetrable when it comes to light, microorganisms and odours…in short, anything which could damage sensitive goods. It’s no coincidence, then, that aluminium is used in a number of cutting-edge sectors, such as aerospace, packaging, automobile and rail industries…

 What kinds of aluminium packaging does Tournaire have on offer?

 Tournaire has a vast range of aluminium packaging products. For example, the Tournaire aluminium container is composed of 99.5% aluminium. Our packaging products conform to ISO 1050A, 1070A and NF EN 573-1 standards to guarantee unrivalled quality when it comes to protecting your products. For optimal protection, our aluminium containers and bottles are made from one aluminium disc/sheet. This means that the aluminium which forms the container has not been soldered or joined in any way, thus guaranteeing a fully secured environment for your products. Our range of aluminium packaging products are grouped into two categories: small packages (19ml to 2.5l), spun with the help of a mechanical press, and larger packages (from 2.5l to 32l) which are press-formed. Tournaire’s packaging products and manufacturing systems are also designed for adaptive opening methods, depending on whether your product is in liquid or solid form.

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