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16 November 2014

Tournaire Group, Quality, Safety & Environment

Tournaire Group, Quality, Safety & Environment

For many years now, Tournaire has invested in an ambitious policy and in the establishment of stringent quality control, going far beyond the demands of national or international regulations.
All of Tournaire’s organization is geared to guaranteeing client satisfaction, from purchases through to delivery, from management to support services, with the aim of protecting the environment and ensuring business security.


The performance of the organization has naturally been acknowledged by certifications : ISO 9001, 14001 et MASE


  • Environment protection: : Both Divisions of Tournaire are ISO 14001 certified. The Environmental Management system enables the company to make constant progress in limiting its impact on the environment: all employees are involved in waste selection; waste water is treated on the Grasse site; manufacturing processes are optimized to limit impact on resources (water, gas, electricity). 


  • Employee safety: The Grasse site is MASE* certified: since 2006 for the Equipment Division and since 2010 for the Packaging Division. The Tournaire Group has opted for safety through the adoption of this stringent standard. Tournaire uses MASE (certification of safety procedures) as a preventive tool leading to continuous improvements in safety in its workshops and worksites. (*) MASE: Company Safety Improvement Manual


  • Management of skills & knowledge: Tournaire runs an ambitious training plan for all its employees. It benefits from the expert knowledge of its staff whose average seniority is high: 15 years with the company as of 2013. Tournaire is in a position to capitalize on this knowledge through Its training academy, set up in 2009, as well as the promotion of Tutoring, allowing to facilitate co-operation between generations, enable new recruits to integrate, transmit and share company values.