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TOURNAIRE goes well beyond its CSR obligations!

For 185 years, management at Tournaire has made a point of creating and maintaining close and trusting relations with all its partners and stakeholders. So, it is only natural that the company has decided to formally document its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, using the principles of ISO 26000 as the basis.

An approach recognised by several assessments using the EcoVadis standard (Silver grade) and by an on-site audit for the “Together for sustainability” (TfS) standard: the chemical initiative for sustainable procurement link to the site and video explaining TFS with a score of 91/100.



Since 1833, Tournaire has interacted with its customers, suppliers, employees, sales representatives and local players in a dozen different industries: processing of natural materials for perfumes and aromas, active ingredients for pharmaceuticals, chemicals, veterinary medicines… They all trust us to find the right innovative solutions to their problems. For example, the development of a patented procedure for a subcritical water extractor (link to Equipement EXSUB division page) which is used to extract active and aromatic compounds without solvents.

Tournaire also innovates in terms of its means of production to optimise the performance of its packaging, environmental impacts and health & safety in the workplace. The new washing unit (Diameter 120-260 line), entirely developed and manufactured in-house thanks to Tournaire’s expertise, has thus helped to achieve a fourfold reduction in the consumption of water per m² scoured in relation to the machine it replaced, while being more effective in terms of the cleanliness and appearance of the aluminium containers.

Tournaire is also able to capitalise on its partnerships with its traditional suppliers as witnessed by the signing in May 2017 of the Responsible Supplier Relations Charter in the presence of the Industry Mediator.

Concerning employee relations, Tournaire has set up an In-house School to allow employees to take a comprehensive, custom made training programme consisting of modules run by in-house or external trainers, to promote, share and preserve the company’s expertise. This training programme has now been recognised by the French education system by the addition of a metalworking industry equivalent diploma (CQPM) in machine operation, subject to continuous monitoring and an oral test. Since the In-house School was launched in 2010, 20 CQPMs have been awarded with a success rate of 100%.

Tournaire has been supported by CoreKap for the needs analysis and running the programme.

To find out more about the CSR policy at Tournaire, click here.