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News Packaging 22 June 2022

TOURNAIRE packaging obtains unrivalled UN certification for the transport of dangerous goods.

The entire range of TOURNAIRE aluminium monobloc packaging under 2 litres has been approved in “Group 1 ” with a density of 1.4 and an outstanding test pressure. This corresponds to the maximum level for UN certification and thus offers the guarantee of better performance for greater peace of mind when storing and transporting dangerous products.

UN certification.


Specific rules have been defined by the United Nations (UN) for the different modes of transport: air, road, rail, inland waterways, and maritime.

For Europe, it is the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe that determines and regulates this standard through the ADR (considered one of the most important sets of rules for the transport of dangerous goods by road within the European Union).

The general principles, the latest version of which is revision 21 of 2019, can be found here.

This UN certification aims to secure national and international transport for all means of transport through a universal system of classification, packaging, marking, and labelling of dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods are classified as: explosive substances and articles, gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidizing substances, toxic and infectious substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, and various dangerous substances and articles.

Obtaining UN certification.

To obtain UN certification, the packaging must be tested by an independent laboratory. For TOURNAIRE, these pressure tightness and drop resistance tests on the entire TOURNAIRE aluminium range are carried out by the BVT laboratory, which also audits Tournaire regularly to check the compliance of its quality system.

Dangerous goods can only be transported in packaging or overpacks bearing a UN mark. Each chemical component is classified according to its hazard level, which defines the provisions to be followed for its packaging and transport. The UN marking defines the ability to safely transport each product according to its characteristics and classification; here is an example of the marking on some TOURNAIRE packaging:

Certification for the most demanding materials.

TOURNAIRE has not only achieved certification in the strictest category “Group I” but has also succeeded in validating a high density and an extraordinary pressure resistance. Most of the packaging on the market is satisfied by lower densities and pressures or even by the hazard groups “II” for medium hazard or “III” for low hazard.

This new approval allows all TOURNAIRE packaging to protect even more sensitive and delicate products and to provide even more peace of mind to its users.

It is the technical optimization of the closure systems by TOURNAIRE’s teams that give TOURNAIRE’s monobloc aluminium packaging a head start over the regulations.

With TOURNAIRE, industrialists in the chemical, perfume and pharmaceutical industries can now safely transport even denser products (metal powders, oils, petroleum) and more volatile products (solvents) without adding specific measures or changing the packaging or the closure system.

The range of compatible hazardous product formulations is therefore wider, with densities that can reach “1.4”, and higher vapor pressures.

This is the case for certain innovative sectors with ever more demanding products, but also for new ingredients in existing sectors such as perfumery, chemistry, or pharmaceuticals.

TOURNAIRE packaging makes all the difference.


Thanks to the work of its Development and Quality teams, TOURNAIRE is constantly improving the performance of its products for its customers. This evolution of the homologation is a new testimony of this, especially since it concerns the whole standard range from 50cc to 1.25L. This major extension to TOURNAIRE’s certifications allows samples and commercial products to be shipped by road, air, sea, and rail in a safe and secure manner, without costly accessories or over-packaging.

Contrary to other industrial packaging on the market, this improvement of the TOURNAIRE range preserves all the other qualities of ergonomics and performances which have made its reputation.


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