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22 June 2022

Issues and challenges for TOURNAIRE in 2022

Issues and challenges for TOURNAIRE in 2022

Interview of Jeanne Lions, Chairman of the Board et Laurent Zeller, Member of the Board

What are the challenges for TOURNAIRE to better respond to customer demands?

Jeanne Lions: We have several challenges ahead of us, many of them, but also some very exciting ones. Firstly, to maintain our presence in Grasse and our industrial role and that of leader in the packaging market and to promote our technological capacity for innovation. This is our fundamental challenge. Beyond that, today we have to face a challenge in relation to the economic situation which is very difficult due to the shortage of raw materials and the rise in raw material prices. We have to demonstrate a completely new agility in a completely new context, and we have to react to serve our customers in the best possible way without endangering the company. And finally, for me, one of the most rewarding and motivating challenges is knowing how to work with all our teams. Knowing how to help them grow and how to promote them.

Laurent Zeller: When people talk to me about innovation, I have to say that our role at Tournaire is to anticipate and to be relevant, especially because we are industrialists with a long-term vision. So, if I had to name the major challenges for the next twenty years, I would name two. The first is recyclability, obviously. What we are seeing in the consumer business is now affecting the industrial world, which is quite normal. The second is traceability, everything that revolves around blockchain and protection against counterfeiting.