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14 June 2022

First edition of the “Packaging and Fragrance” meetings

First edition of the “Packaging and Fragrance” meetings

Interview of Jeanne Lions, Chairman of the Board et Laurent Zeller, Member of the Board

Question 1: Why did you organise these “Packaging and Fragrance” meetings?

Jeanne Lions: For several reasons. The first reason is that during the two years of the pandemic, we suffered from a withdrawal into ourselves. This did not prevent us from innovating, from developing products, from taking advantage of all this time to invest and so, once the pandemic was over or almost over, we wanted to celebrate with our local partners from Grasse some privileged moments with a note of conviviality notably by sharing an EcoVadis celebration for our CSR commitment. But also, and above all because fragrance is our DNA. It is the history of TOURNAIRE, which is intimately linked in a family and industrial way with all the partners in Grasse.

Laurent Zeller: I would like to add that it is really a relatively exceptional event which allows us to share and offer the privilege and exclusivity of our investments and innovations to this sector which is obviously very dear to us. The history of perfumery and fragrances in Grasse, and the history of the TOURNAIRE company have been intimately linked for nearly 200 years.


Question 2: What does the perfume sector mean to Tournaire?

Jeanne Lions: The customers from Grasse and the perfumers are the ones we most want to pamper. They are our privileged and historical partners. Through this event, we want to show them our commitment, our capacity for innovation, our investments, our fine company and above all our desire to follow this partnership for many years to come by implementing many elements to enable them to ship all their outstanding products throughout the world.

Laurent Zeller: Tournaire and the fragrance and flavour industry is an essential history, of course, and so this event is also a way to celebrate and to renew our wishes for growth together.


Question 5: Any final message?

Jeanne Lions: I think this is an event that should be repeated. Replicated and perhaps even in different forms. To show, involve, and share our customer culture, to draw on these meetings to enrich our understanding of the customers’ needs and again offer them the best possible products.