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Why is it essential to choose chemical product packaging for your sensitive products?

If you need to handle or transport products considered potentially harmful to human health or the environment, it is essential to pack these products in appropriate chemical product packaging. Likewise, if your product line includes sensitive products, it is mandatory to ensure that these products do not come into contact with your colleagues or plants and animals in the surrounding environment.

As a specialist in packaging techniques, Tournaire offers you a wide range of chemical product packaging solutions that allow you to safely handle sensitive products.

Why choose industrial chemical packaging?

Chemical products are considered non-hazardous when they pose no risk to human health, the environment or the materials they could come into contact with. Conversely, chemical products are considered hazardous when they impair human physical health, nature or the environment.

Therefore, it becomes essential to choose specialist chemical product packaging. Chemical product packaging complies with specific standards that aim to prevent any exposure to these chemicals or remove any risk that they could pose to the environment.

However, the variety of chemical products available on the market implies that there are various available chemical product packaging solutions. Indeed, not all chemical products react in the same way. Some chemical products are corrosive and may react with the materials in the industrial chemical packaging. To stay on the safe side, you are advised to make informed choices regarding the packaging you will use.

Chemical product packaging: different types of available packaging

Transporting and handling chemical products entails various risks. These can be of a physical nature, ranging from a simple leak to a major loss of chemical. There is also the risk of packaging defects. In fact, chemical product packaging cannot fulfil all the conditions ensuring the integrity of the chemical product transported, which could compromise the quality and effectiveness of the product over time.

The types of industrial chemical packaging also differ depending on the risks that they are supposed to prevent. The choice of chemical product packaging essentially depends on three factors:

  • The first factor is the state in which the chemical product is packaged: liquid, solid or in bulk.
  • The second factor is the quantity of chemical product transported. For volumes of 20 – 30 litres, jerrycans or canisters are a preferred choice, whilst for volumes of up to 200 litres, barrels are the best choice.  Finally, industrial containers are used for volumes of up to 3000 litres.
  • The third factor is the product’s reactiveness with the packaging material. Nevertheless, the goods are mostly transported either in plastic chemical product packaging or in a metal conainer (steel or stainless steel).

Why trust Tournaire to provide your chemical product packaging solution?

Tournaire works with companies and large-scale manufacturers every day to give them the means of safely handling and transporting  cosmetic products, food products or products classed as sensitive and hazardous. We offer a wide range of various technical packaging solutions to meet all your needs.

If you would like further information about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us directly via our wesite! We will be delighted to advise you and fulfil your request.