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Why choose Tournaire units for distillation equipment?

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Why choose Tournaire units for distillation equipment?

Choosing Tournaire units for distillation equipment is choosing quality. The group’s unique experience in distillation places it among the European leaders in this field. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, Tournaire’s diverse clients can find the complete range of distillation units they need. Whatever the type of raw material to be processed (from petals to roots, through wood), it is possible to find a unit corresponding to your application. Indeed, the Tournaire group has mastered the full range of distillation technologies, with or without pressure. The group’s equipment department makes it a priority to test all the equipment before delivery to ensure extremely strict quality control.

Purchasing distillation equipment: information you need to know

The Tournaire group is not content just to deliver distillation units to you. It also takes care of the entire production chain, offering you all the ancillary parts necessary for your process. In this way the stills are delivered tailor-made to your requirements, especially in terms of capacity. This can vary from a few cubic centimetres to several tens of litres, depending on your operation.

In terms of pressure (depending on the type of material you wish to distill), Tournaire offers you a choice of stills operating at atmospheric pressure, and others allowing for distillation under pressure, in order to save time and energy. Note that for some materials (e.g. wood), the distillation units must necessarily operate under pressure. The group offers you stills that operate at pressures up to 2.5 bars.

Safe distillation equipment to simplify the work of companies

Regardless of the type of still required to make your product, the Tournaire group offers to deliver it  with a horizontally opening hinged stopper, which greatly simplifies the recovery of materials. Even for pressure stills, this type of opening is possible. A system of opening bayonets ensures that the assembly remains secure and prevents handling errors. There are multiple outlet ports depending on the type of product you are recovering. Essential oils and gums are generally recovered via a conical reservoir at the bottom of the still.

The wide range of raw material insertion systems (in particular the different grids that can be delivered with your distillation system) are also advantages for the safety of your system. Our training system allows your teams to use the equipment correctly, respecting the rules of use.