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What packaging should you use for perfumery, flavourings and food additives?

Perfumes, flavourings and food additives have one thing in common: while they’re waiting to be consumed, they have to be preserved in industrial packaging which guarantees the quality of their flavours or scents. There are many different containers, each with their own properties. So, how can we choose packaging for perfumery, flavourings and food additives to ensure the best possible preservation?

How to choose your industrial perfume and flavourings packaging ?

To preserve perfumes and flavourings, airtight packaging is essential. This is because these types of products evaporate in contact with the air. That’s why it’s particularly necessary to have shock-resistant packaging. This is because, when there is a microfissure, the air infiltrates inside the container, and causes the chemical properties of the product to deteriorate.

Furthermore, when the packaging ruptures, the liquids leak out and are wasted. So it’s necessary to choose packaging which is made from a resistant material. For this, there are 3 major categories of liquids packaging: glass, plastic and metal. For packaging perfumes, flavourings or food additives, glass is not recommended due to its fragility in the event of falls. In fact, our 15ml to 1.2L glass containers are intended for the laboratory environment. Protected by an anti-UV filter (USP standard), their function is to limit the transmission of light, which can damage the quality of the liquids. For its part, plastic has one major flaw: the final result does not correspond with the world of perfume and flavourings, which are seen as prestigious, even luxury products.

So the most suitable solution is a metal container. It has the special feature of being very resistant to shocks, which allows it to be easily transported, without having to add additional packaging, such as bubble wrap, to protect the product. However, there is a wide variety of metals. Regarding the preservation of perfumes, flavourings and food additives, we advise you to orient yourself towards aluminium packaging.

What are the best aluminium perfume and flavouring packagings ?

Aluminium packaging is the solution which is ideal for perfumes, flavourings and additives because it allows the contents to be protected from various external aggressions: oxygen, light, gas, humidity, etc. before it’s opened. In addition, aluminium does not interact with these products, allowing them to keep the best chemical properties. At Tournaire, you’ll find a wide choice of industrial perfume packaging models. Designed for a capacity of 20ml to 312ml and made of 1070A aluminium, the AP25TM / AP28TM PiflerProof bottles are ideal for flavourings and food additives, as their small opening (25 / 28) allows small amounts of the product to be dispensed. For its part, type 4S aluminium packaging can store between 2.5L and 30L of material, which is suitable for sale in large quantities, in particular to professionals in the food industry.

Thanks to the robustness of the container and its seamless structure, the product withstands any type of shock during transport. Finally, our range of GCMI 1070A aluminium bottles is specially designed for fine perfumery. In fact, they have screw-on vaporisers with transparent caps, and you have the choice between raw aluminium or satin silver finishes for more elegance.

To conclude, aluminium packaging is ideal for the world of perfumery, flavourings and food additives. Thanks to the chemical neutrality of the metal, the products are protected from light, oxygen and shocks. Note that unlike other metals, aluminium is a robust, practical and lightweight solution, thus allowing safe transport. For professionals who are concerned about the environment, it’s important to point out that our aluminium packaging is recyclable, and will help you to reduce your carbon footprint.