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What is the most effective packaging for pharmaceutical products?

Antibiotics, active ingredients, sterile products, vaccines, growth hormones, antiparasitics, etc. Whether it is human health or veterinary specialities, the pharmaceutical industry imposes the highest regulatory requirements and quality standards on its packaging. But what is the most effective packaging for pharmaceutical products? Are there several? We give you our answers in this latest article from our experts.


Packaging of pharmaceutical products subject to numerous standards

The pharmaceutical industry imposes the highest regulatory requirements on the packaging of pharmaceutical products. Tournaire has responded by offering packaging tailored to the transport and storage of sterile or non-sterile active pharmaceutical ingredients, and the conservation of reference samples. High quality standards, total traceability, DMF type III file… Tournaire offers the guarantees and security you require. Indeed, any packaging element (vials, stoppers, closure systems, labels, leaflets) or any other part that comes into contact with the medicinal product during manufacture (tubing, tanks, centrifuge bottles, storage containers, filters, hose valves, syringes, replaceable caps, etc.) must meet certain specific requirements. The packaging protects the medicine as soon as it is introduced into the pharmaceutical circuit. Tournaire, aware of its impact on the proper use of medicines, has taken numerous initiatives to improve the packaging of these products.


Recognised expertise in aluminium pharmaceutical packaging

With the widest range of aluminium packaging on the market, complemented by multilayer plastic barrier packaging, the Tournaire Group can design and produce pharmaceutical aluminium packaging with benefits such as long-lasting food contact, unrivalled impermeability, protection against light, oxygen, humidity, etc. Thanks to its expertise in this market, the Tournaire Group has been a supplier to the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies for several decades. Tournaire can anticipate the needs and developments of these markets. With 10 production sites in the heart of Europe and recognised technical expertise, the Tournaire Group provides flexibility, responsiveness and customisation for very high volumes of pharmaceutical aluminium packaging as well as for medium-sized orders.


Pharmaceutical packaging: a major safety issue

Tournaire’s aluminium containers are very popular for packaging all types of products for the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical markets. Pharmaceutical packaging must perfectly protect sensitive products (against humidity, oxygen, light, etc.) and requires specific approvals that guarantee the safety of the products and their use by customers. The Tournaire Group’s clients operate in markets that impose the highest quality requirements, coupled with the rigorous constraints of increasingly strict environmental regulations and standards. Today, the Tournaire Group designs and offers innovative, expert solutions to a dozen professional sectors, in particular, the health and medicines sector. Pharmaceutical packaging is part of the company’s DNA thanks to its nationally and internationally recognised know-how.