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Discover Tournaire’s raw materials packaging offer

In any industry, but mainly in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, it is essential to transport liquids and raw materials safely, while maintaining their intrinsic quality. With Tournaire, an expert in the protection of sensitive and hazardous materials, we offer hazardous materials packaging which is capable of storing and protecting the liquids contained inside. Indeed, for us the safety of our customers comes first, but we also have the mission of transporting the most essential raw materials for the world of chemistry and the pharmaceutical world under conditions which will not affect their quality, as we’ve said. Discover the range of our solutions.

How to transport your dangerous materials ?

To transport corrosive materials, glues and other disinfectants, you need packaging which is capable of protecting all these products from gas, humidity, but above all from ambient light. In addition, any effective packaging for hazardous materials must, in addition to everything we’ve just mentioned, be resistant to the shocks which the bottles could potentially receive. This is why Tournaire offers you packaging which will effectively protect your hazardous products, such as the AP25 / AP28 range, the C40 range and all our other packaging collections for chemical products.

What is the best packaging for raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry ?

Packaging for pharmaceutical products must comply with extremely precise and strict rules. Tournaire provides you with effective pharmaceutical raw material packaging which is suitable for liquids and other products in this industry. All our packaging complies with UN standards, for our bottles intended for the transport of pharmaceutical products whether in large or small quantities. Discover our Flexspout, O220, T1C32 or Type 4S ranges, which will allow you to transport all of your pharmaceutical products efficiently and safely.

Tournaire : Your packaging expert for 2 centuries.

Tournaire means several centuries of know-how in the service of very high-quality technical packaging, for the transport of chemical products and made for industries of all kinds. Our packaging for raw materials in pharmacies complies with European standards, in order to protect the effectiveness of your products. Our vision is the same as it was when we started: to provide exceptional-quality packaging for exceptional-quality products. If you have any questions about our products and our offers, don’t hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone at 04 93 09 34 34. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions as soon as possible.