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Tournaire’s industrial packaging solution: Thinking of the future of packaging today

Whether for ecologic, economic, quality or safety reasons, constantly rethinking industrial packaging solutions is vital. Companies are at an important crossroads in packaging management, with bad apples being put on blast for raw material waste and excessive consumption of natural resources in the production process.

The Tournaire Group, an industrial packaging specialist, offers various ranges of industrial technical packaging for many markets and applications.


Tournaire, a complete industrial technical packaging solution

The Tournaire Group, a specialist in aluminum and coextruded plastic packaging, offers a range of industrial technical packaging that’s among the most extensive on the world market. Whether in terms of shape or capacity, the wide range of Tournaire’s industrial packaging solutions enables all industries to find the flask, can or bottle to suit their needs.

Not only are Tournaire’s health, perfume, and industrial chemical packaging solutions numerous and customizable, they also benefit from quality and safety standards – essential concepts for industrial fields that require optimal preservation of contents and employee protections. For industrial technical packaging systems, Tournaire offers closure systems considered cutting-edge on the world market.


Aluminum packaging the Tournaire way

Originally focused on developing machines to extract chemicals and essential oils, the Tournaire Group has also grown to become internationally recognized for its industrial packaging solutions. Since 1900 in fact, the Tournaire Group has offered various ranges and innovations on the industrial technical packaging market, whether the application is pharmaceuticals, perfumery animal welfare, or industrial chemical packaging. Innovation has always been at the heart of Tournaire’s DNA, whether it comes to aluminum packaging ranges or extraction solutions.


Industrial packaging for chemicals, perfumes, healthcare, etc…. Tournaire R&D 

As we’ve mentioned, innovation and creativity are at the heart of Tournaire’s industrial packaging solutions. Able to produce tailor-made industrial technical packaging to meet the specific needs of its customers, Tournaire also makes a point of renewing its ranges on a regular basis to keep up with demanding quality and safety standards. This enables Tournaire to respond to specific issues in terms of storage, transport, conservation and security concerning the contents of the supplied packaging.

Having focused on strong investments in the field of sustainable development – and accompanied by cutting-edge IT tools – Tournaire is one of the first and best suppliers of aluminum packaging, a 100% recyclable material that’s relatively simple and economical to extract. But that’s not all: Tournaire is also committed to going beyond legislation in the field of industrial technical packaging to promote a cleaner future that respects employees, with a focus on wastewater treatment, energy conservation and human rights. All these investments have given Tournaire’s industrial packaging solutions quality certifications, including ISO 9001 and 14001, as well as the MASE label.