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What have been Tournaire’s missions since its creation in 1833?

A family business, while keeping its international ambitions, the Tournaire group has put its expertise at the service of many industries around the world. Our motto “produces the best, protects excellence” has accompanied us since our beginnings almost 2 centuries ago in the south of France. Today, we are one of the world leaders in the packaging of perfumery, medicinal products and other sensitive materials. Discover the history of our company, our values, as well as all of our missions.

The creation of Tournaire

Founded in 1833 with the first distillers of plants from Grasse, a town in the Alpes-Maritimes region recognised as the world capital of perfume, the Tournaire company began to create, among other things, copper stills and other creations related to the profession of Boilermakers. Even at that time, packing perfumes from the city of Grasse and its surroundings became Tournaire’s speciality.  With our expertise, it was obvious that we would turn to this industry which continues to make the city happy. As you’ll have understood, from the very beginning our activity has been linked to the perfumery industry, and to the preservation of the best creations in the region.

The history of the company

Since its creation, Tournaire has been able to keep the same objectives and the same missions in mind: to provide high-quality packaging intended to maintain the quality of the products it contains. Our activity has been able to develop greatly with the advent of mechanisation following the 2nd World War, but also with the robotisation of production lines in the 80s. Thanks to this, we have been able to offer a greater number of products, whether it’s perfume packaging as we’ve already seen, but also other chemical products, even dangerous ones. This greater production capacity has allowed us to internationalise more quickly; we have production sites in Vietnam and the United States. 

What are Tournaire’s products and mission?

At Tournaire, our packagings are both technical and industrial. We are committed to offering you high-quality products which will protect your content while preserving their benefits. Discover, like any perfume sample packaging company, our aluminium or plastic bottles. But Tournaire’s missions don’t stop there, because we also have an offer of services for industry professionals, whether it’s advice to find solutions to your needs, or to help with your logistics or your quality control, to name but a few.

Today, Tournaire is a company which has been able to adapt, diversify, and offer its know-how, to keep the same values which have made it successful for nearly 200 years.