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The role of aluminium packaging in industry


Aluminium is an essential material in industry today, in particular for the packaging of sensitive materials. Indeed, many sectors use aluminium packaging for their products. If so many industries use aluminium, it is because this material possesses some very interesting properties.

Tournaire, a world leader in industrial packaging, specialises in aluminium packaging, offering a wide range of containers intended for different industries.

In this article, we detail the role and benefits of aluminium packaging in the industrial sector.


Aluminium packaging to protect contents

The first virtue of aluminium packaging is that it provides good protection for the contents, especially if they are sensitive products. Indeed, aluminium packaging is highly appreciated to protect hazardous products or products with high added value during storage. Conditions In warehouses or storage can be difficult (temperature, humidity, etc.), and may therefore not be suitable for storing certain types of products.

Chemicals, pharmaceuticals, toxic products, etc. Aluminium packaging insulates these products from UV rays and external conditions, and thus protects the contents, other products in the warehouse as well as the employees working on site. However, even though aluminium packaging provides effective protection, we recommend storing chemicals or non-compatible products in dedicated secure spaces (notably equipped with an air filtration system).

Depending on the type of product you use for your industry, Tournaire can propose suitable aluminium packaging both in terms of protection and capacity.


Aluminium packaging and preservation

As we have just seen, aluminium packaging is very useful to protect  contents. One reason for this is that aluminium packaging is known as barrier packaging, which protects the contents from external conditions and contamination. Therefore, aluminium packaging is also very important for preserving products. In particular, it makes it possible to preserve the flavours and aromas of a product stored for a long period. It is therefore not by chance that aluminium packaging for perfumery or agri-food products is so frequently used in these industries. These unique preservation properties also make it a highly-prized material for the packaging of pharmaceutical products and in the animal health sector.             


Aluminium packaging, a godsend for transport

Because it is perfect for preserving and protecting contents, aluminium packaging is therefore a very popular type of packaging for transport. Indeed, it provides products with optimal protection during transport, and therefore enables sensitive products to be transported with minimum risk.

Moreover, the fact that aluminium is a light metal makes aluminium packaging a godsend when it comes to reducing transportation costs.

Tournaire, the specialist in technical aluminium packaging, also offers different container sizes and shapes to match the products contained, but also to maximise the volumes transported, and therefore reduce transport costs even further.