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Protect your production of essential oils with quality aluminium packaging

Essential oils are very valuable and costly products that must be protected as well as possible. To do so, the smallest quantities of liquids must be packaged in glass bottles, while the largest products can be packaged in quality aluminium packaging. In this new article, we will review the different types of aluminium packaging for essential oils in the Tournaire range. We will then discuss the benefits and limitations of this packaging for essential oils before concluding with our expert advice on how to choose your packaging wisely.

The different types of aluminium packaging for essential oils

Aluminium packaging is one of Tournaire’s flagship products. Our ranges are suitable for the storage and transport of high-grade products like essential oils. Among our different ranges of packaging is the 9M6 model. This packaging has a storage capacity ranging from 19 to 160 ml and meets a number of quality standards. The 9M6 is made of 1070A aluminium and provides excellent protection that will preserve all the qualities of your essential oils. Note that the seamless one-piece structure of ouressential oil containers is perfectly leakproof.

The advantages of aluminium packaging for essential oils

Packaging is one of the main factors that protect your essential oils from oxidation, exposure to light and bacteria. When purchasing aluminium bottles for essential oils, you should check that they are made of quality aluminium. All our products are inspected, tested and improved on a daily basis thanks to the engineering teams in our design office. Aluminium is a fabulous material to work with and we strive daily to make exceptional products.

How should you choose your aluminium packaging for essential oils?

You have the choice of the most suitable size for your needs. One of the great advantages of aluminium bottles for essential oils is that they keep your products fresh. You won’t have to worry about summer heat. Regarding the design, we prefer a simple and elegant product that can be customised later with external lacquering, silkscreen printing, etc. Tournaire: nearly 200 years of history. Founded in 1833 in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, Tournaire has developed thanks to its expertise and exceptional know-how. Today, we have over 3,000 active customers worldwide in 70 countries. Among the strengths of our company are the quality of our products as well as the average service life of our manufactured equipment (more than 40 years). Our customer satisfaction rate is very important to us. That’s why we like to get feedback on our sales so we can further improve our equipment.

Packaging for essential oils Tournaire: recognised know-how

Flavourings, ingredients, raw materials, essential oils, absolutes and concrètes, scented compositions, all these products can be protected and preserved by the essential oil containers produced by the Tournaire Group. Leading professionals in the sector also use the Tournaire Group’s equipment to extract, distil and rectify ingredients.