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Pharmaceutical Packaging Protects Your Products and Information

The pharmaceutical industry is governed by a large number of regulations and requirements around packaging quality, all of which are understandable in light of the importance of preserving a drug or vaccine’s ingredients. Tournaire, a provider to leaders in this market, applies its expertise in order to provide you with the pharmaceutical packaging solutions you need. Our website makes it easy to find what you are looking for in terms of your pharmaceutical packaging needs, as well as for the storage of your raw materials.

Tournaire, quality recognized throughout the world

Tournaire, founded in 1833 in Grasse, currently exists in more than 70 countries throughout the world. We develop and offer solutions for specific industries, such as the chemical and perfume industries. We are the suppliers for market leaders in these fields, who choose us for our rigor and our approach to product quality. We offer healthcare packaging solutions for the transport or storage of raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for end products sold at retail.

Our pharmaceutical packaging product line is certified by the world’s largest governing bodies for healthcare packaging and pharmaceutical product distribution. As such, our containers and packaging are UN-approved and adhere to European food safety regulations. We offer a full disclosure of our packaging materials, as well as a Type III DMF file (certification for pharmaceutical packaging sealing systems).    

The numerous features of Tournaire healthcare packaging

            Tournaire offers you a wide range of pharmaceutical packaging products, suitable for the transport and storage of sterile or non-sterile products, as well as for the preservation of reference samples. Our aluminum packaging is 100% recyclable. We offer several product sizes, according to your needs and planned usage, ranging from 50ml to 32 liters. They are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof, as they contain no seams. In addition, they have tamper-proof caps. Aluminum is a natural barrier to UV rays, and allows for perfect protection against any shocks and breakage that may occur during transport, as well as resistance to any chemical degradation that your products may introduce.

            We also offer technical components according to your needs and your type of business. Please feel free to reach out to use via email at, or call us at 04 93 09 34 34