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Aluminium bottle suppliers provide packaging solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and durability. Tournaire stands out for its unrivalled expertise and tradition, providing cutting-edge packaging solutions since 1833. Through a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, Tournaire meets the specific needs of customers from extremely diverse and demanding sectors, affirming its leading role in the field of aluminium packaging.


A Rich History of Packaging Innovation


Founded in 1833, Tournaire has withstood the test of time by constantly adapting to changes in the industries it serves. From its roots in boilermaking to becoming a recognised manufacturer of stills and extractors, the company has evolved over time, adopting aluminium as the preferred material for its packaging. This shift from copper containers to aluminium is not only a reflection of the quest for innovation, but also a deep commitment to product quality and safety. The expertise accumulated over the decades now enables Tournaire to offer bespoke, highly secure and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions, thus meeting the specific needs of its customers in a wide range of sectors.       


Aluminium Packaging: A Versatile Solution for Various Markets


The aluminium packaging offered by Tournaire is distinguished by its adaptability to a wide range of industrial sectors, ranging from perfumes and cosmetics to health, chemistry and many other fields. This versatility is the result of Tournaire’s commitment to understanding and meeting the specific requirements of each of the markets it serves. By offering reliable, durable packaging that meets the highest standards, we ensure the optimal protection of our customers’ products. This personalised, customer-centric approach enables us to position ourselves as a partner of choice for companies seeking high-quality packaging solutions.


Personalised Services: Beyond Packaging


Tournaire excels not only in providing high-quality aluminium packaging, but also in offering a full range of related services. From accessorising to customisation, logistics and regulatory support, the company makes every effort to facilitate access to optimal packaging solutions.  These bespoke services reflect Tournaire’s desire to go beyond the expectations of its customers, offering them not only a product, but a complete experience. This holistic approach ensures that each customer finds in Tournaire not only a supplier, but a true partner capable of meeting all their packaging needs.


Commitment to Quality and Innovation


Tournaire’s commitment to quality and innovation is demonstrated by its ongoing investment in research and development. By regularly introducing new packaging solutions, we not only meet the current needs of the industry, but also anticipate future challenges. This innovative approach, supported by a tradition of quality and excellence, confirms Tournaire’s status as a leader among the suppliers of aluminium bottles. Thanks to this long-term vision, Tournaire not only ensures the satisfaction of its customers, but also contributes to the evolution of industry standards in packaging.


Tournaire: Your Supplier of Aluminium Bottles


With a tradition of excellence dating back to 1833, Tournaire positions itself as the preferred partner for industries looking for high-quality aluminium packaging solutions. By combining a rich history with constant innovation, Tournaire effectively meets the needs of the most diverse and demanding sectors. A supplier of technical packaging par excellence, Tournaire protects the essentials with a range of bespoke products and services that guarantee safety, quality and sustainability for all its customers and for the environment.