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Tournaire answers all your packaging needs, in particular pharmaceutical packaging that is adapted to your production chain.

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Since 1833, Tournaire has been a specialist in the treatment of natural primary products in the perfume sector. For several years, our business has been diversified towards new activities so as to offer both cutting edge equipment and high quality technical packaging. We supply you with, notably, a choice of pharmaceutical packaging for human and animal health, responding to all regulatory requirements.

Indeed, industrial and technical packaging comprises the second part of Tournaire’s business activity. This allows us to offer you the most developed range on the market, which supplies a variety of sectors like human and animal health, cultural conservation, wellbeing, farm produce and the chemical industry, while always offering the highest level of quality, service and security. At Tournaire, your pharmaceutical packaging presents all the guarantees necessary for your business.

With Tournaire, prioritise choice and quality for your pharmaceutical packaging.

Pharmaceutical activity imposes precise regulatory norms for the preservation of primary assets. That is why Tournaire offers a pharmaceutical packaging that answers the highest quality requirements. Our packaging is adapted to the transportation and storage of your pharmaceutical products, whether they are sterilised or not. Their trackability is absolute and provides you with all the necessary guarantees. We supply you with a wide range of packaging according to the surface area that suits you.

Our rigorous approach also applies to animal health packaging. Indeed, the packaging of veterinary products requires the same demands of quality and traceability. The preservation and lifespan of your sensitive products is fully optimised. Transportation and storage of active ingredients, vaccines, antiparasitics and hormones are ensured in the best conditions.

Tournaire’s guarantees for your pharmaceutical packaging

Tournaire’s Packaging Division specialises in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of packaging for the transportation of sensitive products. Our Research and Development service devises new techniques for finding the most well adapted solution to your pharmaceutical packaging problematique. Thanks to our renowned savoir-faire, we are able to develop products that answer the specific needs of each of our clients. You can make the most of an advice and personalisation service for your products. We offer a range of decorations for the container and closing device.

In order to answer your requirements, Tournaire undertakes to offer you ever more reliable and secure packaging to meet all regulatory standards. We have a masterful level of quality and ensure traceability at every stage of the manufacturing while at the same time developing new technical solutions all the time. Quality, security and environment are at the heart of our support for your pharmaceutical packaging needs.

Do not hesitate to contact our team on +33 4 93 09 34 34 for more information about pharmaceutical packaging options. We would be delighted to give you any advice that you might need.