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Industrial packaging: which products should be stored in aluminium bottles?

Aluminium packaging has various properties that can be valuable for industrial packaging: recyclability, preservation, price, etc. Available in different formats, we will focus here on aluminium bottles.

Thanks to the different properties of this raw material, aluminium storage bottles are ideal for storing, transporting or protecting sensitive or value-added products in liquid form.

Tournaire, the supplier of aluminium bottles, offers you a wide range of aluminium packaging suitable for different industries.


Aluminium storage bottles for the agri-food sector

One of the key properties of aluminium is that it is a form of barrier packaging. Thus, an aluminium bottle will protect its contents from UV rays, moisture or oxygen (if it is hermetically sealed). Aluminium storage bottles enable products from the agri-food industry to retain their aromas, texture and nutritional value. The aluminium bottle is thus a key product used by manufacturers to preserve their liquid products over long periods of time.

Tournaire, the supplier of aluminium bottles for the agri-food industry, offers different container sizes, as well as multilayer plastic barrier packaging.


Aluminium bottles in the pharmaceutical sector  

Aluminium storage bottles are also frequently chosen in the animal health sector. Indeed, the barrier properties of aluminium are also highly prized for the protection of sensitive pharmaceutical products, such as active principles, antibiotics, vaccines, etc.

Moreover, Tournaire aluminium bottles perfectly meet the technical and regulatory requirements of the sector, while allowing full traceability of the contents.


Tournaire, the historic supplier of aluminium bottles to the world of perfumery

Originally established in the city of Grasse, the perfumery capital of the world, Tournaire has been a supplier of aluminium bottles and technical packaging for the perfumery sector for over two centuries.

As we saw above, aluminium storage bottles provide total preservation of aromas, thus enabling optimal storage for the essential oils and raw materials necessary for the creation of fragrances.          


Aluminium bottles and chemical products

The barrier properties of aluminium are also a major asset in the chemical sector. Indeed, aluminium bottles provide perfect storage and stability for solvents, disinfectants, inks, etc.

The strength of the aluminium bottle also enables the safe storage, transport and handling of products. Tournaire products are recognised for their quality and benefit from various safety certifications, including UN certification.