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The Tournaire group was formed in 1833, with the initial aim of plant distillation for Grasse perfumes.

Tournaire activity has evolved regularly, as well as its expertise in making two types of offers that meet, on the one hand, the needs and requirements of the cosmetic and health industries and, on the other, the demand for specialist chemistry.

Thus, Tournaire designs, installs and organises complete production and treatment units for primary materials (distillation, extraction, filtration and evaporation, etc.) Along with this activity, Tournaire offers the largest range of technical packaging on the market, meeting demands at the highest level for quality and safety for carrying out very varied activities connected with human and animal health, fine chemistry, perfumery and food processing.

You can therefore have confidence in Tournaire, the international specialists in alumnium packaging.

Full ranges of aluminium packaging for perfumes and cosmetics.

Tournaire offers a set of alumnium packaging for the storage and transportation of raw materials (real and absolute) for the perfumery and cosmetics sectors. This packaging enables perfect preservation of your sensitive products and protects them against external attack.

In particular, you will find System Plus alumnium packaging offers excellent resistance to shocks, perforation and chemical attack, while guaranteeing a total barrier against UV that might otherwise damage your products. Its monobloc weld-free structure has an impregnable closure, ensuring complete sealing of your products.

Other ranges are also available with different capacities (for example, for 19ml to 160ml sampling or transportation of material from 2.5L to 30L.)

Aluminium packaging adapted for use for the food-processing sector.

To meet the needs of food processing professionals, Tournaire has developed a specific offer in alumnium packaging that meets the highest hygiene standards.

These products are suitable for contact with food over long periods and ensure unparalleled protection against light, oxygen and humidity. Among the wide choice on offer, you will find that the Boite CC aluminium packaging is particularly suitable for packing solid, powder and viscous products.

These containers guarantee the freshness of your products while protecting them against outside attacks (humidity, light, etc.). Further multi-layer plastic packaging completes the range of aluminium packaging offered by Tournaire.

Please do not hesitate to visit our site to find out more about what we offer. Our consultants are also available should you require further information on the choice of your technical packaging.