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Explore our range of pharmaceutical packaging solutions

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Explore our range of pharmaceutical packaging solutions

Tournaire is your specialist source for adding value to commodity raw materials. As such, we offer a complete range of technical packaging, guaranteeing the quality and reliability of our products. Over the years, we have developed genuine expertise in the field of pharmaceutical packaging. Healthcare represents one of our most significant areas of operation and indeed, the packaging of pharmaceutical products requires specific technical applications in order to comply with the regulations that are in force.

Tournaire is an acknowledged leader in the field of pharmaceutical packaging and, as such, we work with major pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Sanofi. We offer specific models aimed at your industry, thereby meeting the specific regulatory requirements that apply to the pharmaceutical sector. Our experience allows us to be a responsive, innovative supplier to meet all your expectations.

Pharmaceutical packaging: a complete range

Pharmaceuticals are a demanding sector, due to the importance of the right solution and the vulnerability of the products that are supplied. That’s why we have developed a complete range of reference products that are designed to meet all your requirements. In particular, they can contain antibiotics, active ingredients, sterile products, and even vaccines. We offer a range of different solutions for pharmaceutical packaging: protecting sensitive products, storing liquids, carrying out stability tests, and easy-open options. There is a model designed to deal with every characteristic of your active ingredients and pharmaceutical products.

Our pharmaceutical packaging products meet the highest standards in order to ensure total quality of the active ingredients thanks to engineering and process expertise. Your pharmaceutical products will, therefore, be protected during transportation and storage, while we meet the highest standards and requirements to ensure rigorous traceability. In addition to healthcare products for humans, Tournaire can also meet the needs of the veterinary medicine sector.

Pharmaceutical packaging: personalised project support

Each and every one of our clients benefits from tailored support. It is also very easy to customise your products further, and as such, we offer a range of options to respond to all you professional requirements. You can define the cosmetic finish of your pharmaceutical packaging or select the most suitable lid for your needs. In order to respond to changing market standards, Tournaire has an extensive focus on research and development to offer you continuously evolving, innovative packaging.

We have developed a rigorous methodology for pharmaceutical packaging projects. We implement processes and procedures that, for example, make it possible to meet our recording requirements in respect of DMF. We also offer you options to identify your aluminium containers or other pharmaceutical packaging with bar code labels for smoother logistics, enabling total traceability for your products. As we fully understand the restrictions that your industry imposes, we are able to ensure total responsiveness and availability throughout your project scope.

To learn about our pharmaceutical packaging products in greater detail, you can reach us on +33 (0)4 93 09 34 34.