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Choose the European leader in chemical product packaging

Tournaire was originally one of the principal distillers of aromatic plants in Grasse. As a pioneer in natural material processing for perfumes, today the group is a specialist in packaging chemical products and is organised around two divisions: equipment and packaging.

Discover why you trust Tournaire when it comes to packaging your chemical products.

Packaging chemical products: opt for quality with Tournaire

By opting for Tournaire for the packaging of your chemical products, you opt to choose an actor that offers you products of quality, guarantees safe manufacturing, all while respecting a policy of sustainable development.

Indeed, organisation at Tournaire is orientated towards an environmental protection objective when it comes to, for example, the treatment of wastewater or the recycling of materials. We also endeavour to offer our clients reliable, stable, and competitive solutions on a daily basis, while respecting both people and the environment.

The respect of people is notably achieved by the continuous improvement of the safety of our factories and building sites. The site in Grasse received MASE certification (manual for the improvement of company safety) in 2006, which reinforces our vision that products of excellence should receive treatment and protection of the same standard of excellence.

Trust Tournaire for all chemical product packaging, be it pharmaceutical packaging or perfume packaging.

Chemical product packaging for perfumery or pharmacy: Tournaire solutions

The packaging of chemical products for the pharmaceutical or perfume sectors is a field in which Tournaire dominates over its competitors through its extensive expertise.

Indeed, in the case of perfume, we have a division that has been developing specific, reliable and powerful equipment for many years and that already has a proven track record all over the world.

Regarding the pharmaceutical industry, we know and apply demands of high quality products while taking account of traceability and cleaning obligations conforming to regulated standards. Our equipment is in a state of permanent evolution in order to be able to meet regulation modifications and customer requirements.

Thus, we validate the quality of equipment both in the factory and with our customers, just as all processes and systems that are confirmed by preliminary ​​protocols and tests.

If you are in need of any information, please do not hesitate to contact our teams who are on hand to support and inform you.