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Tournaire: animal health packaging for all your industrial needs

Tournaire  was established in 1833 in Grasse. For almost 200 years, Tournaire has used it expertise to help many industries and provide them with packaging solutions for their sensitive products. Specialising in equipment solutions and services, Tournaire also offers industrial packaging solutions for many industries such as fragrance, health, animal health, food, crop protection, electronic laboratory and also speciality chemical industries.

Let’s focus on Tournaire’ packaging expertise in the animal health industry and in animal health packaging.

Animal health packaging: specific problems

The animal health industry must meet specific health and safety requirements. It is essential to use materials promoting the use of clean ingredients for ended products.

We offer a broad range of animal health packaging so that our industrial clients can benefit from packaging which best suits the products they make. Every container  we manufacture perfectly preserves the product from the moment it is produced up to the moment it is used by the end consumer. Our factory has a solid reputation and serves some of the biggest laboratories, all of which trust us to make packaging for their pharmaceutical products.

 Animal health packaging: our animal health industry packaging

Tournaire offers several packages tailored to the different products made by animal health industries. Our packaging is made from materials known for their preservation and storage qualities. All of our animal health packaging is made from aluminium, plastic or glass.

Tournaire can provide containers for very small quantities. For example, we make all kinds of packaging from 15ml, and we are also experts in the design of containers that can hold products up to 60 litres.

 The packaging  dedicated to animal health can store active ingredients, vaccines, pesticides, growth hormones and many other products made in factories. If you’re looking for packaging dedicated to animal health, do not hesitate to contact us.