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What different kinds of industrial chemical product packaging does Tournaire have available?

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What different kinds of industrial chemical product packaging does Tournaire have available?

Are you an industrial company looking for the best packaging for your products, packaging that will enable those products to express their full potential and qualities? Tournaire supplies a complete range of chemical product packaging. Our group is well-known throughout the world for its high-quality technical packaging. Our Packaging division converts more than 5,000 tonnes of raw materials each year. We have the appropriate solution for transporting and stocking your raw materials in complete safety and in accordance with the specific requirements of your industrial sector. Your products’ properties will be protected from all external sources of damage.

Tournaire is THE aluminium packaging specialist and works with a diverse range of industries, i.e. pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, perfumery and the agro-food and speciality chemistry industries. We have the most comprehensive range on the market. We know you care about the quality of your raw materials and converted products, which is why we provide packaging solutions that perfectly meet your needs.


Whatever your professional sector, be it human or animal healthcare, crop protection, perfumery, health and well-being, agro-food, speciality chemistry, electronics or laboratories, Tournaire provides solutions designed to meet your specific industrial packaging needs. And you can enjoy the quality of our packaging and product preparation solutions in either aluminium or co-extruded plastic. Tournaire is a standard-setter in the industrial packaging market. Your products will come complete with the very best guarantees available to end users.

You can choose from various different capacities and materials in accordance with the nature of your particular raw materials. Our capacities range from 15 ml to 60 litres. thus providing you with a comprehensive range of chemical product packaging. You can also opt for aluminium, plastic or glass. It’s even possible for you to easily personalise your products. You can trust the quality of our packaging, which is manufactured to exacting standards via a process offering traceability at every stage. We comply with all the regulations that are specific to your industry.


 By choosing us as a partner, you are choosing the assurance of working with an innovative company. Our Research & Development department is continually looking for ways to improve our products so we can provide the most comprehensive and effective solutions possible. You can also count on our unique expertise with respect to technical packaging to give you the security of knowing that you are offering your customers the very best final product.

And for our part, we make it a point of honour to provide you with the very best service to be found anywhere, and to help and support you through each stage of your project. You also get to benefit from the advice and engineering expertise our team can provide. And because we are aware of the pressures you work under, we offer special terms when it comes to meeting your logistical requirements. Our ambition is to provide you with the very best in industrial packaging, packaging that complies with quality, safety and environmental norms.

For more details about our range of chemical product packaging, please talk to our specialists directly on +33 (0)4 93 09 34 34.